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We Stand With You

The Trump Administration is once again attempting to steal rights from transgender individuals and the rest of the LGBTQ community. Tweeting a new policy that would deny transgender individuals the right to serve in the military is an obviously discriminatory move back into the past. Additionally, the justice department has filed an amicus brief stating Title VII of the 1964 Civil Rights Act does not protect against discrimination based on sexual orientation.Through both of these actions, the federal government seeks to roll back policies meant to assist the LGBTQ community in gaining ground towards full equality.

The Consortium recognizes that true health will not come to our community without liberation from the discriminatory laws, violence, and oppression that currently besiege us. We stand ready to work with other local and national organizations for peaceful challenges to these discriminatory policies, and full equity for all. We call on all of our partners to join us in these efforts.

Please see the following resources for additional help in dealing with these challenges.

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We know that these times can be emotionally exhausting. Take time to disconnect from your screens, practice self-care, and check in with one another. If you or someone you is in need of additional support, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

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